Product Care



Caring for your gold and silver
We do not recommend bathing or swimming with the jewellery.


Caring for your gold vermeil and sterling silver jewellery
To slow down the oxidation process, please store gold vermeil and sterling silver pieces in the provided jewellery pouch and box when not wearing.


Your jewellery can be cleaned using a soft paper towel dampened with water. We do not suggest using a toothbrush on gold because it may scratch or dull the surface; especially if the gold is highly polished. Do not use ultrasonic jewellery cleaners, steam cleaners or harsh liquid cleaning solutions on Lunar Rain jewellery. Most of our gems will be damaged by harsh cleaning methods.


Looking after stones and pearls
Opals and pearls are soft and sensitive. Do not bathe in them and keep them away from extreme heat.


Looking after enamel jewellery
Our vitreous enamel is glass baked onto metal at a high temperature. Please handle carefully because enamel will chip or break if the jewellery is dropped or mishandled.
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